Oh my God #beer (at 51 North Brewery)


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The final Hiram McDaniels logo I originally designed for the t-shirt contest (with an updated slogan), now with a bonus Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home campaign poster! The Night Vale mayoral race is really heating up. As will we all when the sun inevitably becomes a red giant.

(If anyone else has a better source for this image, please let me know.)

People at the library probably thought I was so weird.

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I saw someone talking about Halloween in Night Vale. Night Vale before Christmas was the only logical course of action.

I’m still not entirely convinced WtNV and NMbC aren’t actually set in the same place. Think about it - it would explain a lot; well, not really.

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I did a thing…

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I’m about to get my hair cut in like forty minutes and I need a quick poll! Short or long?

So the results were Long:1, Short: 5… welp

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Watching this cute video can help raise money for other cute dogs. Seems like a good deal to me!

make this viral

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« I want you by my side. »

This is so David.